Angelina Jolie

Her loveliness comes with talent,
Her charity comes with smile.
Her charm makes spectators gallant,
She is a true queen of style.
A versatile, glamorous actress,
A wonderful diva of screen,
A dame of great gifts to practice,
The best one you’ve ever seen.
She’s famous but open-hearted,
She does her best helping bereaved,
So brilliant at things she started,
Not stop when results’re achieved.
She may comfort stricken souls
While serving the cause of peace,
Has not unattainable goals,
Keeps working without cease.
For children she’s loving mother.
Her care for orphans in need,
Her sympathy to all other
Shows genuineness of each deed.
The most dedicated servant - 
Ambassador of Goodwill,
A Special Envoy with fervent
Intention and iron will.

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