She was so young, only 17 years old
But her magic dance shined brightly with Gold   
She made her majestic step to Marvelous Sky
Cold-lovely Maria in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai

Another her Role was Gulnare in "Le Corsaire" -
With passion and hot with fine legs soaring in the air!
She was the embodiment of non-women courage
With feminine flexible arms and royal carriage!

Giselle appeared when she was seventeen -
She entered the role with whole heart under skin!
The hard part of crazy was really unruly - 
Her thin arms showed nerves so truly…

Her images bewitch with their plausibility,
And leave the audience the thought ability.
We really hate her courtesan Margarita,
That mocked men loving haughty senorita!

Margarita is penetrating to Giselle,
That turned out marvelous and unruly belle…
But new Giselle became so truthful -
Brave, a bit sharp, disarming with her youthful!

A slender hand to Heaven – they’re waiting! 
Love and unearthly purity - no sense of hating!
Perfect shining eyes – Madonna of Rafael!
You are so close to Gog, my Brilliant Belle…

She will no longer feel Earth atmosphere…
No more breathe of fresh night air…
Filled with the true tragedy her every sense – 
Now no one feels her little insolence!

When Giselle falls into the grave
We forgive her caprices adoring Angel’s brave!

You’re the Star of Russian Dance 
For all the styles you’ve given the chance!
And every time start point is “Love” – 
The World’s beneath, You’re above!

L’Etiole’s warming light, refreshing,
Both Earthly and Divine powers - 
You’re neither new-styled, no old-fashioned 
Dancing like pray for lots of hours…!

She is able to get away from herself - 
So she’s worthy of respect and adore!
Fully entering the image – Devil or Elf -
No one knows who won in her private war… 

She embodies multiple images breezy
Aristocratic, elegant, so pure and easy!

Passionate Italian that burning rage beneath - 
And the viewer involuntarily clenches his teeth.
Suddenly calmly philosophical blues
Of French lady with difficult love choose.
And then she’s having fun with men in tutu!
And viewers are laughing at her ironic too!

She is the embodiment of a true Russian sound!
The Prima Intelligence makes pale her background!

You’re the Real Ballet symbol in the world!
Carrying the value of truly Russia abroad,
You’re completely flexible in any style!
The Peace Ambassador, you’ll save and reconcile!

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