The big family came together to have a rest. Granny and grandpa visited their home today.

Margit has going to play. Without knowing her fate she sat at the piano. Here she rushed away sobbing.

"I can't!" were her words.

"I think, I can just about manage that," Jan Paderewski said watching the notes.



Minuet in G by Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Polish composer, has an exclusive role. Clear language and light feelings are calling people to have a good time. The playful mood with strict style do not touch our souls, do not use our thoughts.

"Have a nice day and try to play your role!" friendly appeal sounds.

This makes audience loyal and free to act together.



The movie "Moonlight Sonata", where Jan Paderewski played himself, is a brilliant melodrama with twists and turns. Genius composer and his music helped people to get one shore.


Margit, hello!